“We believe in the power and purpose of this program. Mike is phenomenal at helping kids develop mental strength and taking them to the next level. We have personal experience working with Mike and have seen first hand the affect and benefits for our child while learning a few things along the way ourselves. Get Mental with Mike!!!” Beth & Matt McKee
“Our kids haven’t stopped talking about the course. Three other coaches asked me to run one with their teams and the Athletic Director wants to implement a program for all sports teams.” Coach Lanz, IHS Football
“And, I want to thank you for being there for me when I was withdrawing your advice and the skills you taught me…..you saved my life. Truly.” A. Mac
I have had the privilege to observe Mr. Hatfield and his work with the Special Operations Center for Enhanced Performance (SOCEP) as they supported numerous iterations of AWG’s Adaptive Warrior Adaptive Leader Programs (AWALP) designed to demonstrate and immerse senior NCOs and officers in the Adaptive Soldier Leader Training and Education (ASLTE) methodology in order to facilitate the development of agile and adaptive leaders, one of the Chief of Staff of the Army’s priorities. During that time I observed Mike fully immerse himself in the methodology and immediately begin to function as a member of my LDT cadre. His constant interaction and collaboration with team members ensured that the training we provided was of the highest caliber but more importantly shared lessons learned and techniques garnered during his time at SOCEP allowing the LDT members to make course corrections as necessary. Additionally Mike’s input facilitated external adaptability efforts that the AWG is currently undertaking. ” Lt. Col. Broome, Easy Squadron, Asymmetric Warfare Group
“Friggin amazing week at Whartons. A bunch of the smartest people on the planet talking to us… did have to chuckle at the Phil Eagles sport psychs— you are way better than them! J “ KY
“Conducting the team building exercise allowed me to see outside the parameters of competition and see the limitations of what equipment we had or who we could collaborate with as primarily self-imposed.” Sgt.Maj M.
“The skills Mike taught us enhanced our team functionality, capability and literally led to lives saved through increased attention and situational awareness.” Msgt M., 3rd Group Special Forces
“I have been meditating/diaphragmaticly breathing for 30 days straight, 10 min, 3 times a day. I have a dramatic increase in my attention span and I am 3x more mindful. My attention to detail has increased also, I just wanted you to know that I will promote it within the SOF community.” SFC R., JFK SWCS
“Mike was outstanding! He had pointed, practical and applicable tools that can directly apply to our organization at Texas A & M.” Capt. G.
“Mike conducted a great class on outcomes that can be harnessed individually as well as organizationally with quality and focus. ” Sgt. Maj C.