SportsPsychMike’s Mental Strength & Conditioning Course will assist coaches,  athletes, employers, and individuals in how to integrate mental skills techniques into practice and games.
An Integrated Approach to Mental Strength & Conditioning
So the truth is that our muscles do not function unless directed to do so by the brain. We do not perform physical skills in isolation without mental skills. Sport performance must be approached from a holistic perspective to integrate the” thinking with our muscles” to produce high levels of performance. So, if the mental side of the game accounts for 90 percent of the outcome or only 50 percent, or even only 10 percent, doesn’t it make sense to devote at least some time to mental training?
Who: Your Team/Organization
What: Mental Strength & Conditioning Course
When: Call 360-688-9657 to schedule
Length: 60-90 minutes to run the course + 30-45 minute debrief
Where: Your location
Why: To enhance the understanding of how to incorporate mental skills into practice, games, and life. Improve performance and Increase Productivity!
·         Create Self-Awareness
·         Improve attention, concentration & focus
·         Learn how to use Diaphragmatic Breathing effectively
·         Imagery for Performance & Rehabilitation
·         Learn how to bounce back from setbacks – resilience
·         Refocus techniques
·         Increase motivation & grit
·         Establish routines for confidence
·         Reduce anxiety and perception of pressure
·         Learn how to handle success
·         Improve relationships with coaches, teachers, & parents

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